Epoxy Flooring systems

Metallic/Reflector Epoxy Flooring 
Metallic epoxy is a special multi-layered epoxy floor coating system that incorporates the use of a metallic additive mixed into a clear epoxy coating to create exotic effects. This metallic powder continues to move through the epoxy as it cures creating the lava flow or pearlescent design. Because of this constant movement of the metallic pigment, even floors that use the same colors will never look the exactly the same, making each floor truly unique.
Neat Epoxy Floor Systems
Neat epoxy floor systems feature solid color floors that consist of a primer, and 100% solids epoxy.  Adding a pigmented urethane gives you the ability to customize your flooring color.
Quartz Broadcast Epoxy
Quartz flooring utilizes the same epoxy base and high-grade polyaspartic/polyurea top coat as the Classic. The big difference is that Quartz aggregate gives the floor a more natural appearance and a textured finish that’s inherently anti-slip.
Flake Flooring Systems
Flake epoxy flooring systems consist of decorative flakes that give a timeless distinct look and protective coating to your space. flake selection includes vinyl paint flake, wood flake, mica flakes and glow in the dark flake. This style of flooring is commonly installed in garages, basements, or retail space.